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Sanford Tollette
Begins His 41st Year at
Joseph Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp

State Representative French Hill Recognizes Sanford Tollette and Joseph Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp

Joseph Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp

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“Ode To Sanford Tollette”
On the Occasion of His 40th Anniversary
As Director of Joseph Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp
By Kearney Dietz, Long-Time Member of the Downtown Kiwanis Club of Little Rock

An ode is a tribute, a paean of praise
That exalts a man and his days
And calls attention, with thanks
And fills in some of the blanks
In a really significant career
Of a guy we hold dear.

He came to us, a young man with a mission
To a camp used in the summer that was not in good condition
He saw it as a place that could be used
All year long, and he was not amused
By those who said it couldn’t be done.

There were those who confessed that the best
Use of this camp out West
Was to make sure we were ready
Each summer for the steady
Stream of young kids whose desire
Was for fun at a place that would inspire
Great memories forever.

 But this man with a passion for learning and teaching
Saw the camp as a possible place for reaching
Out to kids who needed a boost in school.
So the camp, he said, could be a tool…
A place where kids, behind in their learning,
Could be helped…where they could be turning
Around in their studies with camping buddies.

He asked for help with his goal, and got it
He wanted the camp to have a soul, a spot it
Could be that serves the real needs of kids
And guarantees they will have fun in the process.

His success, and that of the camp’s learners
Put Camp Pfeifer on front burners
Throughout the land…and…
We now pause to salute and thank
The guy with the dream,
‘cuz we on the team, got to watch as the cream
Went right to the top.

So we’re gathered here to give a cheer
To the best camp director in the nation
And the members here
Will not get up to give Sanford a standing ovation!

Recently French Hill, U.S. Representative for Arkansas's 2nd congressional district, spoke out on the house floor in Washington D.C. on the"dedicated and exceptional work of Mr. Sanford Tollette." Rep. Hill went on to say that, "A grateful mother from Arkansas recently shared with me the powerful impact that the camp has had on her daughter's development, allowing her to better interact with her friends and her classmates." Parents and fellow supporters of camp-as you can see, your words do have an impact on our leaders in office and we encourage you to keep spreading the word about our organization.

Sanford Tollette, better known as "Mr. Sanford" to thousands of campers from all over the Little Rock area, finished celebrating his 40th year at camp and began his 41st year on April 19th, 2017. Alongside his assistant director, Binky Martin-Tollette, Mr. Sanford continues to dedicate his life to making a difference in the lives of children. Each year the Alternative Classroom Experience serves 150 students in addition to the summer camp and honor camp program as well. His tireless efforts were recognized in 2012 when he received the Champion of Change award from the White House.
Previous counselors, for better and for worse,
can remember his "Sanford-isms" like it was yesterday.
Such classics include:
"Our will be done."
"Inches become miles."
"Run through the tape."
"Keep your head on a swivel."
"Hardest job you'll ever love."
"It's not about me; it's about we."

In honor of Mr. Sanford's 40th year, we invite you to consider making a $40 donation for 40 years of service or any contribution that is within your comfort level. The camp continues to operate as a non-profit, remaining free to all campers.

Or mail a check to:
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