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  • 173 students were enrolled in ACE during the 2009-10 school year: 86 were LRSD students and 86 were PCSSD students.  One student was enrolled from outside of these two districts.
  • The LRSD and PCSSD districts filled 173 out of 165 allotted slots or 105% of their allocated slots for the 09-10 school year.  The LRSD filled 86 out of 91 slots or 95% of their allocated slots.   The PCSSD filled 86 out of 74 slots or 116% of their allocated slots. 
  • Of the 173 enrolled students, 156 graduated from ACE:  78 LRSD ACE graduates and 77 PCSSD ACE graduates.  The overall graduation rate for the 09-10 school year was 90%.  By district, the graduation rates were 91% for LRSD and 90% for PCSSD.
  • LRSD had 8 camper dismissals and PCSSD had 9 camper dismissals during the 2009-10 school year for a total of 17 dismissals.  Of those 17 students dismissed from the ACE program, 11 were by parent decision (Three of these parental dismissals were related to medical conditions or illness.), 2 were by mutual camp/parent decisions due to the severity of the child’s emotional instability, 2 were by camp decision for health-related reasons, and 2 were by camp decision due to the student’s lack of progress or inappropriate behavior.
  • A breakdown of dismissals by session is as follows: Session I – 3; Session II – 3; Session III – 2; Session IV – 5; and Session V – 4.

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ACE 2009-10
​2009-10 Enrollment

Our goal is for at least 150 students to complete and graduate from the ACE program. At the beginning of the year, 165 ACE slots are allotted to the Little Rock and Pulaski County School Districts based on district size.  (91 for Little Rock and 74 for Pulaski County) The following are highlights from the 2009-10 ACE enrollment data.


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